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Rock Climbing Essentials


Traveling in an RV is guaranteed to spark your adventurous side. One adventure activity you may want to try while you’re out exploring in your RV this summer is rock climbing. Despite the sport’s death-defying appeal, rock climbing is an activity that can be enjoyed by all types of outdoor enthusiasts. However, you’ll need to know a few things before getting started.

Start With Proper Instruction

Rock climbing gyms and outdoor climbing walls can be found across the country. These are ideal places to learn how to climb from the experts. Professional rock climbing instruction is necessary for any beginner, so find a climbing gym or outdoor climbing facility along your journey to start your new outdoor hobby. Even better, learning in a dedicated climbing facility will introduce you to the gear you need before you go out and buy.

Proper Climbing Shoes

Comfortable and functional climbing shoes are a necessary part of starting your climbing hobby. Make sure your climbing shoes fit snugly, which typically means buying them one size smaller than your typical street shoes. Start with a beginner-level, more affordable climbing shoe if you’re on a tight budget, then seek higher performance shoes as you advance.

Climbing Harnesses

Different harnesses are needed for different types of climbs. Comfort and padding are important elements of a climbing harness, but it’s important for beginner climbers to purchase properly fitting harnesses from climbing or outdoors shops with experienced climbers as employees. Never purchase a used harness or one with defects.

Ropes and Hardware

Ropes and climbing hardware are necessary to start your climbing hobby. It’s also best to consult an expert about which ropes and hardware are best for beginners. You’ll start with a thicker rope and advance toward lighter ones as you become an experienced climber.

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