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Indiana’s Most Underrated Towns


When you’re cruising through the midwest this summer in your RV, don’t overlook Indiana or its towns. Indiana’s home to many towns and cities that don’t get the recognition they deserve. What that translates into for an RVer is that Indiana is full of amazing sights and attractions that aren’t completely overrun by tourists. So where should you be looking for fun and adventure when you’re in Indiana?

Michigan City

Michigan City offers a bit of the nautical to the midwest, featuring some of the state’s only lighthouses and museums. Michigan City also boastsĀ  its own zoo, the Blue Chip Casino Riverboat, an art center, and even access to the Indiana Dunes. Michigan City is a town on the rise as the community works to revitalize their historic downtown and to add more attractions to their unique city.


Featuring the Indiana Dunes right behind Union Station, Gary is a city of contrasts. While parts of Gary are in decline, there’s also a vibrancy that visitors feel when exploring everything that Gary has to offer. From an annual air show in Marquette Park that rivals the Chicago Air Show to the beauty of Marquette Park itself, Gary is a town you’ve got to visit to fully understand.


That’s right, even Indianapolis itself is not safe from being underrated. And while plenty of people appreciate Indianapolis, there’s no denying that it doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. It gets overlooked frequently in favor of cities like Chicago, Cincinnati, or even Louisville.

Indianapolis is definitely worth a look, however, and possesses a lot of attractions to recommend it. From its historic districts and attractive plazas to its reputation for shopping, dining, and art, Indianapolis is a refined place to spend a couple of days exploring.

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