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Little Known Facts About Indiana


Visiting Indiana this summer? Here are some little known facts and eccentricities that will make your visit more interesting.

It’s Got Some Strange Laws

Indiana has some weird laws that are, technically, still in the book. Two, in particular, stand out.

For example, you’re more than welcome to go fishing in Indiana, but make sure to check your gear before you start. If you’re using a fishing pole, you’ll be fine, but those of us that prefer catching fish with dynamite, firearms, crossbows, or our bare hands are out of luck: those are all illegal methods.

Also, if you walk into a liquor store and want to get anything other than liquor to drink, you’re out of luck. Liquor stores can’t sell cold soft drinks or water!

Indiana’s Had Her Fair Share of Vice Presidents

Indiana has produced a disproportionate number of Vice Presidents, a total of five in fact. They are Schuyler Colfax, Thomas Hendricks, Charles Fairbanks, Thomas Marshall, and Dan Quayle.

Indiana is a Corny State

When people think corn, they probably think of Kansas or Nebraska, but Indiana actually contributes a lot of corn. About 20% of all corn produced in the United States originates from Indiana. Nearly half of the cropland in Indiana is used to grow this corn.

It’s Home to Indiana RV Connection

Indiana is also home to Indiana RV Connection. If you’re heading through Indiana this summer in your RV, make Indiana RV Connection your RV HQ if you need any parts, accessories, or services. Stop by today to check out our inventory and to tour some models. If you’re not on the market for a new or used RV, we can also help you with maintenance at our service department at Indiana RV Connection.