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Great Spots in Indiana to Canoe and Kayak


Indiana’s got hundreds of miles of rivers and waterways in which to canoe and kayak. If you’re traveling in your RV looking for places you can paddle to your heart’s content, check out some of these canoeing and kayaking hot spots.

Blue River

Probably southern Indiana’s best kayaking river, Blue River is scenic and diverse, making any trip down its length memorable from start to finish. You’ll be able to see forests, cave systems, rolling farmlands, and historical sites as you travel.

Lake Monroe

Lake Monroe is a vast body of water south of Bloomington, one that can offer kayakers the unique opportunity of paddling through the trees when at high water.

Sugar Creek

One of Indiana’s better waterways for beginners and children, the calm, slow moving waters of Sugar Creek still offer experienced kayakers plenty of scenic views. There are rentals available if you don’t have your own equipment.

Cataract Falls

See Indiana’s largest waterfall from the water as you canoe or kayak. Located in Cloverdale in Owen County, two sets of falls on Mill Creek cascade down 86 feet.

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