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Grow Your Own Fruits and Vegetables on the Go

gardening tools and plants

The RV lifestyle means you’re forced to limit the items you take with you on the road, but that doesn’t mean all of the healthy, fresh produce you grow at home has to stay behind. Cultivate a gardening hobby today with these simple tips for gardening on the go.

Get Creative with Your Potting

RV travelers are used to using shoe organizers to hold everything from bathroom accessories to cleaning supplies and clothing. Those same shoe organizers you use throughout your RV for easy, compact storage can be used to grow plants too. Use each of the sections as an individual pot for your favorite herbs, flowers and other small plants. Hang the shoe organizer in your RV when you’re traveling and move it outside to hang from your awning when you reach your destination.

Start a Container Garden

Container gardening is becoming increasingly popular, because it can be done in tight spaces. Specially designed containers, like the EarthBox, make gardening on the go even easier with their own built-in self-watering reservoirs, fertilizer bands, aeration screens and more. These containers easily tuck into your RV when you hit the road, and the plants make for attractive and delicious outdoor decor at the campground.

Try the Topsy Turvy

You’ve probably seen the cheesy infomercials for the tomato garden that grows upside down — known as the Topsy Turvy. This funny looking contraption was actually rated the “Best Garden Product in America” in 2005 by Readers Digest, and it’s ideal for growing fresh tomatoes on your travels. This convenient planter hangs easily from your RV awning and even eliminates the need to dig in the dirt on your knees.

Get Seasonal and Indoor Plants

It’s winter right now, which means that some plants may have difficulty growing, even if you’re snowbirding down south. Pick out plants that can handle the colder weather and find some that are fine with living indoors only next to one of your windows. More options will open up as the weather warms.

Upgrade Your RV

If you’ve increased the amount you travel in your RV each year, it’s time to make more room for bringing along the items you love. We’re offering tons of top-quality motorhomes, travel trailers, and fifth wheels for unbeatable prices here at Indiana RV Connection, so come on down and tour some today.